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1000 Great Technical Videos in BestTechVideos Library!
11 Aug2007

Yes! We did it! Just before I went to bed at 3:40AM (heh 🙂 ), I noticed, that someone submitted new video to BTV. I’ve approved it instantly and then noticed a following information in the top part of the site: “We have 1000 videos / 569+ hours of high-quality content!” So, we broke trough 1k videos barrier! And we’ll try to do 2k videos before the end of this year, we have some new features in closed beta testing which would greatly increase number of submitted videos each day.

Thanks to all our users for their contributions and support! Stay with us and we’ll try to give you more features really soon.

Best Tech Videos 2.0 has been released!
9 Jul2007

So, we did it! New Best Tech Videos site version has been released today. Of course, it could have some issues, and we are really looking forward for your feedback on our support forums.

Let’s review main improvements we’ve made here:

  • First of all, I want to mention our first step to socialization of the BTV – all our users could signup now and get their own lists of favorited, commented and voted videos and much more – they could have their own personal RSS feeds.
  • Next cool thing we’ve prepared for you is user-generated content! You can find some great videos on the Net and share them with fellow BTV readers. At this moment our posting system works in pre-moderated mode to keep really high level of videos we post here, but later we want to delegate moderation to our most active members.
  • As I mentioned before – we have our own video rating system. All our users could vote for videos they like and then we’ll let users to decide, what videos they would like to watch based on these votes.

So, these are just small part (but most valuable) of our ideas. If you want to have a look at all of them, just sign up and start using the service – you gonna like it, we’re sure!

Thanks to all our readers, without your help this release would not happen!

MySQL UC 2007 Videos are Available!
25 May2007

Thanks to MySQL community members we’ve got really great collection of media files from the recent mysqluc. Thanks to Seeri for all that work he’s done to collect everything in one place so we could watch/listen/read information from this great event.

So, if you did not attended mysqluc07, then you definitely should visit Technocation page, dedicated to this conference.

P.S. I’m going to post links to these videos and descriptions for the sessions on the Best Tech Videos soon, so If you are not sure to watch some video or not, just wait while I’m merging these links with information from mysqluc site.