Best Tech Videos 2.0 has been released!
9 Jul2007

So, we did it! New Best Tech Videos site version has been released today. Of course, it could have some issues, and we are really looking forward for your feedback on our support forums.

Let’s review main improvements we’ve made here:

  • First of all, I want to mention our first step to socialization of the BTV – all our users could signup now and get their own lists of favorited, commented and voted videos and much more – they could have their own personal RSS feeds.
  • Next cool thing we’ve prepared for you is user-generated content! You can find some great videos on the Net and share them with fellow BTV readers. At this moment our posting system works in pre-moderated mode to keep really high level of videos we post here, but later we want to delegate moderation to our most active members.
  • As I mentioned before – we have our own video rating system. All our users could vote for videos they like and then we’ll let users to decide, what videos they would like to watch based on these votes.

So, these are just small part (but most valuable) of our ideas. If you want to have a look at all of them, just sign up and start using the service – you gonna like it, we’re sure!

Thanks to all our readers, without your help this release would not happen!