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Small Tip: How to Enable ActiveRecord Logging in Merb
2 Nov2007

Today I was developing one small merb application for one of our projects and needed to see ActiveRecord logging on console like I do in Rails. After a short research I’ve found out that merb_active_record plugin passes its MERB_LOGGER to AR by default so I decided to try to change merb log level and here they are – my pretty colored AR logs!

So, if you want to see ActiveRecord logs in your application in development mode, then you need to add one line to your conf/environments/development.rb file:

puts "Loaded DEVELOPMENT Environment..."
MERB_LOGGER.level = Merb::Logger::DEBUG

That’s it for now. Long live merb! 🙂

Looking For Optimal Solution: Ruby On Rails and Mongrel
30 Aug2006

This article is part of “Looking For Optimal Solution” series, devoted to testing various Ruby On Rails deployment schemes and doing some simple benchmarks on these schemes. General idea of testing is to find subset of most optimal RoR deployment schemes for different situations.

This small article is about Rails+Mongrel setup and its performance. List of other tested deployment schemes, description of testing methodology and, of course, all benchmark results you can find on “Ruby On Rails Benchmark Summary and Findings” page.

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High-Performance Ruby On Rails Setups Test: mongrel vs lighttpd vs nginx
22 Aug2006

Because of not fully correct testing methodology, benchmark results are not fully correct. So, I decided to redo all tests. New benchmark results you can get in “Looking For Optimal Solution” series Summary post.

This week we have started one new project with Ruby on Rails as primary framework. My first task was to prepare runtime environment for it on one of our development servers. When I have tried to research how people doing it, I noted that there is no information about how to deploy rails application with nginx as frontend and what is performance of such solution. Before blindly make any decisions about future platform I’ve decided to make some performance tests of the some most popular rails web servers/frontends. Results of these tests you can find here with configuration samples for all software that I have used.

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