Monitoring nginx Server Statistics With rrdtool
29 Apr2006

Few days ago I have installed nginx on one of our adult projects as reverse proxy server and for static files management. Yesterday this server got 200Mbit/sec traffic and because all admins like to create miscellaneous graphs, I have decided to draw nginx stats on graphs to see server load not only in megabits and load averages. As the result, I have created perl script, which uses RRDs perl module to create and manage rrd-database and very beautiful graphs.

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5 Minutes Guide To Linux Traffic Shaping
6 Apr2006

If you have your own home network with two or more computers, you definitely know all of the problems with concurrent access to internet channel. Most annoying problem is bandwidth sharing: when you are trying to use remote ssh connection to some server, and at the same time your wife/brother/friend decided to watch some new and very cool video clip at Google Video or YouTube, your connection will be stalled and you can forget about comfortable work. In this small article I will give you a simple solution for this problem and you will be able to do anything without worrying about traffic sharing problems!

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Connecting Two Remote Local Networks With Transparent Bridging Technique
5 Apr2006

Sometimes we need to connect two or more geographically distrubuted ethernet networks to one broadcast domain. There can be two different office networks of some company which uses smb protocol partially based on broadcast network messages. Another example of such situation is computer cafes: a couple of computer cafes can provide to users more convinient environment forr playing multiplayer computer games without dedicated servers.

Both sample networks in this article need to have one *nix server for bridging. Our networks can be connected by any possible hardware that provides IP connection between them.

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