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Top 1000 (84) MySQL Performance Tips From MySQL Camp 2006
14 Nov2006

Looks like MySQL Camp 2006 was really interesting and useful for its attendees and for entire MySQL community. As the result of this meeting of many MySQL-related professionals we’ve got lots of interesting publications and I want to refer one of them in this post. Very interesting list of 84 MySQL performance tips has beed created on first day of this year MySQL Camp at Google headquarters:

  1. Index stuff.
  2. Don’t Index Everything
  3. Use benchmarking
  4. Minimize traffic by fetching only what you need.
    • Paging/chunked data retrieval to limit
    • Don’t use SELECT *
    • Be wary of lots of small quick queries if a longer query can be more efficient
  5. Use EXPLAIN to profile the query execution plan
  6. Use Slow Query Log (always have it on!)
  7. Don’t use DISTINCT when you have or could use GROUP BY
  8. Use proper data partitions (For Cluster. Start thinking about Cluster *before* you need them)
  9. Insert performance
    • Batch INSERT and REPLACE
    • Use LOAD DATA instead of INSERT
  10. LIMIT m,n may not be as fast as it sounds

So, I think this list can be really useful for all developers/DBAs working with MySQL and want to say “Thanks” to its authors.

MySQL Performance Blog – Great resource for MySQL DBAs
8 Jun2006

At this week I came across great blog of Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko – two developers from High Performace Group at MySQL Inc. This blog’s name is MySQL Performance Blog and, as you probably assume, it is about misscelaneous sides of MySQL optimization and related stuff. So, if you are MySQL administrator or, even, developer, that works with MySQL, I would advise you to take a look at this blog – there are lots of useful MySQL optimization info.