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Linux User in Solaris 10 Survival Guide
28 Sep2007

This week aside from tons of different tasks I was working on one of MMM users complaint regarding some issues with MMM on Solaris 10. I knew that this OS has not so user (admin) friendly environment (especially for people with strong GNU-related background), but had no other options and decided to install Solaris 10 in VMWare Fusion on my desktop.

Installation was a bit strange comparing to Debian/RHEL/Ubuntu and FreeBSD where I have a strong experience, but I’ve managed to install it successfully. The major problem after my first boot was a lack of knowledge about how things could be done in Solaris… Below I’ll describe what generic Linux admin could do with Solaris to make it easier to use and more friendly for GNU-addicted mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

Notice: If you’re Solaris administrator, please, don’t read further because I’m pretty sure that all these suggestions would look dumb for you (I knew some old solaris admins before and they hated GNU environments).

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A Concise apt-get / dpkg primer for new Debian users
12 Mar2006

I really like Debian and Debian-based Linux distributions. That is because I am admin and I am lazy as all good system administrators ๐Ÿ˜‰ With apt-get based distributions I can install/update/deinstall system packages very fast and my work becomes very efficient (there is no rpm-hell or constant building of new software or software updates).

Today I dugg very useful primer for apt-get/dpkg users. It contains many real-life examples of work with apt-get and dpkg utilities and may be interesting for new debian administrators.