MySQL Conference 2007: First Impressions and Findings
25 Apr2007

So, first two days of mysqlconf’07 are finished now. What can I say is that without any doubts: It worth it! If you’re working on some high traffic projects, some high-loaded database driven systems, etc, you definitely should attend such conferences – you’d never be able to get such big amounts of information from the best people in the industry as you can get here.

I’ve been attending mostly practical MySQL scale-out sessions and BOFs and I’ve got really controversial impressions. No – everybody was great, controversial thing is my own level – I never before was so sure that I know nothing at all! I see people here for which most of new things for me (especially in MySQL scaling) are pretty obvious and it is hard to keep myself from some kind of self-beating because I don’t know these things.

Interesting thing happened today – I clearly realized why YouTube guys got their billion and we or someone else didn’t – IMHO – one of the major factors was their ability to handle all these users traffic efficiently. They’ve got one of the best (imho) technical people in their command. I was really impressed by one of their guys (sorry, but I’m too bad in remembering people’s names) – one of the two founders – who participated in MySQL replication and scale out BOF as attendee. He clearly showed me that they’re able to grow almost without any limits because of their skills which is one of the major requirements in today’s fast changung world.

Another interesting thing was that I realized that my spoken English could be really good when people speak clearly and I understand their questions. I spoke with some guys about our mmm project, about maby things and there was no problems at all!

So, its going pretty late and tomorrow going to be a long day so I want to repeat – if you have any chance to get on such conferences, DO IT! If your company can’t help you, spend your own money or find some other solutions, but DO IT! It is the best thing could happen to YOU as professional!

P.S. Just remembered – I saw some women-DBAs today! Really smart girls! I never thought that pretty girl can become such great IT prefessional and now I know – I was really wrong.

P.P.S. Sorry to russian-speaking readers – I will definitely translate my last posts later – just when I’ll come back home from this crazy (but the best) event with 14hrs of load a day

Master-Master Replication Example using MMM
23 Apr2007

Despite of my high load at work I decided to release mmm-1.0-pre2 today. There are some small, but critical fixes added and much more coming next week (or little bit later if mysqlconf will take more time than I think).

After the first alpha release I’ve received lots of emails, some messages in mmm-devel mail list and even some bug reports in Google Code bug tracking. One of the most asked things was documentation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, I decided to write some posts in this blog (sorry to non-sql-related readers) and them compose some docs for final release using these posts and comments from readers. This post will be first in mmm-series and will describe how to use mmm in simple master+master scheme where one master accept write requests and both masters accept read requests. This post will provide you with detailed instructions about MySQL setup, permissions setting, mmm installation and configuration and cluster management.

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How to clone virtual machine with VmWare Server
8 Apr2007

Today I was doing some pre-release testing of our software and to test it I was needed three separate servers running MySQL. After some thinking I decided to use my “old” workstation (actually it is pretty powerful Sempron with 2Gb of RAM, but now I use my macbook as a primary workstation) and start 3 separate virtual servers there. Of course, as all admins, I’m little bit lazy and installing Debian on all three machines was not appropriate solution ;-). So, I’ve created one machine, installed brand-new Debian Etch there and then begun to look for solution to clone this machine to run it in three copies. After all these operations were done, I’ve decided to spend time I’ve saved with this simple trick to describe here how to clone VmWare Server virtual machine without any pain.

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MySQL Master-Master replication manager released
5 Apr2007

So, I’s been a long time since I wrote my last post here. Lots of work and almost no new interesting technologies in my work caused such delay. But today I’m proud to announce release of really interesting project: MySQL Master-Master replication manager – set of flexible scripts for management different MySQL deployment schemes with master-master replication involved.

More information about this software could be found in detailed announce in Peter Zaitsev blog (actually this software was created by me for his company’s client) or at project page. All your questions and suggestions welcomed in MMM development group on Google Groups. If you’d like to support this software on, you’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰