UltimateGeoCoder – a PHP library inteface to miscellaneous geocoding services
7 Sep2006

Sometimes we may need to know geocode of some specific postal location. For example, you have some shops catalogue and want to show shop locations on the map. Then, you will need to ask some service about map marker coordinates. If geocode service is not available or it can’t parse provided address, you will not be able to show map to your users. 🙁 To solve such problem I’ve created small PHP-module, that helps me to get reliable results from set of miscellaneous geocoding services.

As for now, module can use Google Maps API, Yahoo Maps Services, Geocoder.us and Geocoder.ca services, but it is easily extensible and I can almost any services there. So, if you know some other services, that providing longitude/latitude pair by postal address, drop me a note and I will try to add its support to library.