Oracle Database 10g Express Edition: Not Just for Learners
15 Mar2006

Lewis Cunningham wrote very detailed article about Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE), about limitations of this version of Oracle and about specific areas where Oracle XE will be ideal solution.

Let me describe basic Oracle XE limitations:

  • Memory – Oracle Database XE can address only 1GB of RAM.
  • CPU – Oracle XE will only use one CPU.
  • Instances count – Only one instance of Oracle XE can run on any given computer.
  • Disk Space – You can only use up to 4Gb of disk space for your data.

At my mind, Oracle XE can be good replacement for poor MySQL database and slow PostgreSQL database servers in some areas. I’m using it in billing system of middle-sized ISP and I really glad to have possibility to use such powerful database for free.