Educational Podcasts of Universities: MIT and Harvard
27 Feb2006

In one of my previous posts I’ve described interesting podcasts directory on Berkeley University site.

After that link was posted on the, some new links to educational podcasts from MIT and Harvard Universities has beed posted there in comments:

Of course, using this resources are not quite as good as attending the class in person, but these schools are known for there excellent professors so they may be of some use to other students out there.

Regular expressions info: Regexp Tutorials, Tools, Examples
27 Feb2006

Today I dugg very interesting site about regular expressions. There are many useful information about regexps such as: complete regexp tutorial, links to useful tools and regexp libraries for almost all programming languages.

I think, regular expressions and unix shell are the must to know for any IT professional because they can greatly improve your performance in routine tasks. Even my wife – web designer – some times uses regexps in her favourite html-editor for massive links/tags replacements.

So, if you do not know anything about regexp yet, it is really good deal to get knowledge about professional text-processing tool – regular expressions.

First post
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26 Feb2006

Yeah! This is my first post on my own blog!
I glad to see You here and I’m saying “Welcome!” to you, stranger. Here You will be able to read my notes about my admin’s life, about some interesting news in IT world, maybe some links to interesting web resources.

If You have any comments about my posts, You can write it here – I will be glad to hear from You.

Thanks for reading. Will see You next time at ‘Homo-Adminus Blog’.